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Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Tools included:

Intelligently optimises power and run time to deep clean carpets and hard floors.

The High Torque cleaner head activates a Dynamic Load Sensor system (DLS). DLS monitors brush bar resistance 360 times a second to detect the floor type and automatically optimise the suction for either carpets or hard floors.

The Motorbar Cleaner Head - A powerful Motorbar Cleaner Head pushes the brush bar deep down into the carpet on this Dyson V11 to remove ground in dirt. Between the stiff nylon bristles and carbon fibre filaments, this allows edge to edge cleaning with fantastic results.

Combination tool - An ideal tool for getting crumbs up and can be changed into a brush as well.

Rigid Crevice Tool - This is ideal to get into hard to reach areas

Ideal for homes with pets, the cordless V11 will make light work of picking up hair and ground-in dirt. Featuring innovative Dyson technology, this bagless stick cleaner breezes over carpets and hard surfaces – or you can transform it to a handheld to vacuum your upholstery and car.

The Power of Dyson

This cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner comes with a multitude of features to revolutionise the way you remove dust. Advanced cyclone technology guarantees no loss of suction, while the Motorbar head gives all floor types the deepest clean. The V11 will glide over:

  • Carpet
  • Tile
  • Parquet
  • Stone
  • Laminate
  • Upholstery

In just one click, this vacuum cleaner transforms to a handheld too – so you can clean inside your car with ease, or reach awkward spots on the stairs. You’ll also find telescopic tubes and four tools to get rid of any hidden dirt, including a Crevice Nozzle and Combination tool. There are even three different power levels to suit the task at hand

Vacuum Cleaner Design

The Dyson V11 offers an impressive run time of up to one hour, so you can move from room to room worry-free. Keep an eye on your vacuum’s performance with the new LCD screen display, and just place it on the docking station when you’re finished. This is wall-mounted for convenient grab-and-go storage, and as it’s separate from the cordless stick, you can plug it in anywhere. The energy-dense battery pack is also swappable, and you’ll only need to charge it for 4.5 hours before the next use.                                                                                

Thanks to the V11 bagless design and bigger bin, you won’t need to worry about replacement bags, or frequent emptying. When the vacuum cleaner is full, take advantage of the point-and-shoot system, which gets rid of dust hygienically in just one motion. What’s more, as this model is certified asthma and allergy friendly™, with advanced whole-machine filtration, it’s convenient for all households. When the micro HEPA filter does need a freshen up, just give it a wash, and it’ll be back to its full performance in no time.

 If you are after a top of the range vacuum cleaner, then you can't go wrong with the Dyson V11 cordless vacuum.